Watch This Guy Install A Credit Card Skimmer In Under 4-Seconds And Realize How F**ked We Are As A Society

This is one of those things that just might make you lose a little faith in humanity. Watching criminals stroll into a gas station and install a credit card skimmer in under 3-seconds while one guy attaches the skimmer and another distracts the cashier. In and out in under a minute, and now they have access to anyone’s CC info that comes into that gas station and swipes their cards at that machine…It’s pretty fucked:

Identity theft might be the single biggest (non-health related) problem affecting society these days. I’ve known for a while how easy it is for criminals to jack our credit card info using skimmers, but until I watched this video of some guys installing a CC skimmer at a gas station in about 3-seconds I had no idea just how easy it was.

And the problem I have with it being so easy is I can’t help but be impressed. It took them zero time to install a machine that will potentially cause tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage, and a lifetime’s worth of fraud reports. This new criminal enterprise is putting bank robbers to shame, the payout is better and it appears to be significantly easier. Thankfully we as a society don’t revere card skimmers and identity thefters in the same way we make movies about bank robbers, because that’d be fucked (and boring, very boring).

[h/t reddit]

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