Instant Road Rage Regret When Guy Gets Walloped By An Aluminum Bat

Apparently the guy on the motorcycle kept passing people on both sides of the road before the video began recording. The gentleman in the SUV didn’t appreciate it and had some words with the motorcyclist at a light. In turn, the motorcycle dude didn’t appreciate the lecture so he followed the SUV onto a side road.

The SUV stopped and the other gentleman approached the truck (45 second mark). He slams the door when the man in the truck attempts to get out, then punches the SUV driver through the window. BIG mistake. The man in the truck was armed with an aluminum baseball bat. He got out of his truck and gave the motorcycle dude a whooping.

The motorcycle guy is lucky that the SUV driver wasn’t a maniac because it could have been tragically worse. The beating was sufficient, it scared off the road rage maniac and it wasn’t excessive. In my opinion the SUV driver was an absolute sweetheart, he didn’t beat him to a pulp and didn’t throw his truck in reverse and run over the motorcycle.

See kids, this is why you don’t bring your fists to a baseball bat fight.

Mental Note: Start carrying a baseball bat in my front seat.