The Internet LOVED This Crazy Drunken Scene In England So Much That It Was Turned Into A Majestic Work Of Art

New Year’s Eve can be a smorgasbord of unbelievable sights, unfortunately you’re usually too plastered to remember to take a steady photo of chaos of NYE. That was not the case for freelance photographer Joel Goodman. He snapped one of the most amazing new Year’s Eve photos, and some are even saying that it has already one the title for “Best Photo of 2016.”

With its beautiful composition, pleasant contrast and curious characters, this photo of mayhem is actually rather majestic. Despite their being a portly man laying in the middle of street stretching out for his beer and a drunk getting pounded by police officers, this is a masterpiece.

The perfect photo, named “The Creation of Manchester,” was quickly compared to modern renaissance art.

Despite a number of incredible nuances of this unforgettable scene, one subject jumps out.

You can see many more of the chaotic and highly inebriated scenes from England on the Manchester Evening News.


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