Internet Pirate Kim Dotcom Launched New MegaUpload Service with Hot Chicks, Helicopters

Kim Dotcom spoke from a giant stage at Dotcom Mansion in Coatsville Auckland, as he unveiled new site Mega, which the millionaire said comply with the law, rendering it safe from being taken down.

Dotcom then compared last year's raid to the iceberg which caused the Titanic disaster, saying without it 'we wouldn't have a great Titanic movie which makes me cry every time I see it.'

'Mega is going to be huge, and nothing will stop Mega!,' Dotcom shouted seconds before a helicopter roared overhead and faux police agents rappelled down the side of his mansion and female military guards in mini-skirts surrounded him on stage.

The controversial millionaire then ordered to 'stop this madness' before breaking out into a dance alongside the 'guards'.


Is there video? Oh yeah. And it may be the funniest one you see all day, especially if you also imagine the German Dotcom as a grown-up Augustus Gloop, who traded in his chocolate vices for dancing women in short skirts. (Just me?)

[H/T: Daily Mail]