When Hiring Managers Ask You About Your Hobbies Here’s What They Really Mean, According To An Expert



Job interviews are the absolute worst. That’s why I’ve only ever been to one of them in my entire life, they’re just not for me. I hate all of the back and forth sparring like a CIA operative, trying to speak in code instead of just coming out and saying ‘I binge drink on the weekends, I spend my free time fishing, and I’ve only ever taken one sick day in my adult life because despite my lazy habits I’m actually addicted to work’. I’m guessing that I’m not alone in my displeasure for the song and dance of job interviews, so if you bros are the literal type then this info below from author Lynn Taylor is something you’ll really be into.

In an interview on BusinessInsider Lynn Taylor shared the most common interview questions about hobbies and what they actually mean, aka what the interviewer is really trying to discover when asking you these questions. She says that when a prospective employer asks you about your hobbies this is what they’re really trying to figure out:

1. That you’re team-oriented
2. That you possess strong leadership skills — “If you lead a group in a leisure activity, such as anything from a book or hiking club to a charitable effort or community activity, that speaks well to your ability to lead on the job,” Taylor says.
3. That you actively work on honing your skills
4. That you’re well-rounded — “It’s assumed that if you engage in a diverse assortment of hobbies, you may be better equipped to manage a broader array of experiences and people on the job,” Taylor says.
5. That you’re able to set and stick to goals — “Goal-setting is essential in any job, as managers like to see that you have a sense of purpose and determination to reach goals that you’ve mutually established.”
6. That you’re passionate — “You’re demonstrating that you are capable of enjoying what you do and being passionate about it, whether inside or outside of the office,” Taylor says.
7. That you’re not too passionate — “If you talk about how passionate you are about a particular hobby to the point where it sounds as if you want to make that your primary career, that may send up a red flag,” Taylor says.
8. That you won’t be distracted at work — “No interviewer wants to feel as if you’re just trying to gain a salary or work experience until you’re ready to launch your own business.”
9. That you do, in fact, have interests outside of work — Here’s a terrible response to this question: “I have no real specific outside interests. I’m just too busy.”

The full interview on Business Insider is quite fascinating, and if any of you bros or lady bros are about to enter the workforce after graduation (or considering a career change) then you should really follow that link and check out the interview in full!

Job Interview Image courtesy of Shutterstock.com