Stupid Idiot iPhone Thief Gets Busted Like A Stupid Idiot By Standing Outside A Police Station After Stealing iPhone



28-year-old Jermaine Debrah is the furthest thing from a criminal mastermind, which I suppose would make him something like a Poptart or llama, but unfortunately for me (because writing about a possessed Poptart stealing an iPhone > writing about this idiot) he’s just your average, stupid idiot with a penchant for stealing iPhones. According to Metro, Jermaine wasn’t smart enough to switch off the “Fine My iPhone” app on the iPhone he’d just stolen, and when police checked the app to find his location they discovered he was right under their very noses.


…well, not quite “literally,” but almost:

The victim reported the crime to police within hours of the raid and told officers they had downloaded the ‘Find my iPhone’ app on the phone, allowing it to be tracked.

Cops simply plugged the victim’s details into a tablet computer and traced his location – and found he was walking past Mitcham police station.

Officers alerted colleagues at the station – four miles from the scene of the crime – and Debrah, 28, was promptly nicked within yards of the police station, with the iPhone found in his pocket.

Jermaine was found guilty of burglary and sentenced to jail for two years.

[H/T Metro]