Irish Bro ‘Forgets’ Best Man Speech, Surprises Buddy At Wedding With An Action Flick Of Him Trying To Get it Back

Well now … this is stupid, right? I know stupid and this … this is stupid.

Ciaran Morrison was the best man at his buddy’s wedding in Ireland and as he went to give his speech, he patted his jacket pocket, said he forgot his speech, and sprinted out the room.

Then a screen showed a pre-shot film of Morrison leaving the venue and moving heaven and Earth to get back to his house. Which is nice, like cool, but I’m pretty sure this 100 percent (maybe even 1,000 percent) breaks the old wedding adage of “don’t make it about you.”

I mean, what is the point of this, other than look how cool I am? I am the cool best man. Sex me bridesmaids. It’s not even that good a flick, and sure, it has a funny moment or two, but how does this add to your buddy’s biggest day?

(Of course, yes, I don’t know the two of them or whether they also thought it would be funny, etc. If they were in on it, too, then whatever.)

But like to make a whole wedding watch this, then have to listen to your speech? That seems … not chill. And I know a thing or two about what’s chill.

Also, the point in the video where he stops for a beer? Like, what the fuck? You are not only fake delaying their wedding by stopping for a brew, you are in real life delaying it by keeping that scene in.

It’s called editing, brah.

[H/T New York Daily News]