Irish Boy Suffers Heart Attack After Intense Testicle Squeezing


It’s okay to involuntarily cup your balls while reading about this story. We all did, too.

A 17-year-old Irish lad is in a medically induced coma after a schoolmate viciously squeezed his testicles, causing him to suffer a heart attack and nearly die until a schoolteacher performed CPR.

The attack went down during a lunch break, after the 17-year-old began horsing around with some friends. It’s believed the violent scrotum jerk was a “prank” and not a “malicious attack,” and thankfully the boy is in stable condition—although he is yet to wake up in his hospital’s ICU ward. His family says they “hope” there will be no permanent damage.

I never thought a prank could get worse than whatever shit is being flung onto YouTube now, but nearly ripping off someone’s balls…. That’s, that’s up there.

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[H/T: Neetzan]