Irish Girl Passes Out Not Once But Twice Riding A Slingshot, Should Learn How To Breathe

by 4 years ago

The Slingshot is a dicey ride. Some might even find it scary (if my best friend Joe is reading this, I’m talking about you, pussy). You’re basically locked into this pod of death, praying that both of the bungee cords attached to it manage to not snap. Because if they do, you are, without question, being sent to your untimely and horrific death. So it’s only natural to be afraid of riding it (unless we’re talking about Joe, then it’s not ok).

The Irish girl in this video apparently found the ride so daunting that she couldn’t stop passing out while riding it. I didn’t even know a person could pass out more than once in the same five minute span, but she managed to do it. I was under the impression that you pass out and then you realize you should breathe and get a fucking hold of yourself. Not this girl, though. Nope. She just kept nodding off. Meanwhile, her friend was next to her having the time of her goddamn life; couldn’t even pretend to be concerned with the fact that her friend was coming in and out of consciousness.