One Night Two Irishmen Got Plastered Drunk And The Next Day They Were On The Front Lines Up Against ISIS

We’ve all been there. You’re drinking copious amounts of alcohol and you get blitzed. You start talking out your ass and saying you’ll do things that you’ll regret. Your drunk alter-ego will make absurd claims such as “I’ll never drink again” or promising to go to brunch with your girlfriend and her friends the next morning. These two Irishmen went a smidge further with their inebriated proclamations because after a night of drinking they found themselves on the front lines fighting ISIS.

William Meara, 26, and Craig Reynolds, 24, were backpacking in Iraq (Are they not aware that they can also backpack in Europe?) when they met some Kurdish fighters. They befriended the Peshmerga soldiers and the Irishmen were taken to a military base in Daquq, which is in Northern Iraq. They then enjoyed a late night drinking session where they would write checks that their bodies couldn’t cash.

“A man named Shalaw invited us to his place to help him devour a healthy serving of Jonny Walker whiskey,” Meara wrote. “The night rolled away, bottle after bottle, shot after shot and glass after glass until it came to our attention we were the only ones left in the bar, located just outside of town. Linking arm to arm, we danced a traditional Kurdish dance, waving handkerchiefs high over our heads as we traipsed through the bar, music blaring…the clock struck 4am.”

Meara told The Mirror:

“The next morning he decided he’d invite us out and try to get us out on to the front line. We must have said something when we were out with him the night before and that’s how he got the idea. Before we knew it we were meeting all of these high-profile officials. There was a commander of the local area with us. It was absolutely terrifying to be honest. It was probably one of the scariest things I’ve ever done.”

I’m not certain if this is the leaked plot for The Hangover 4 or Boondock Saints 3.

This is coming from a man who has been backpacking for over a year across the planet including China, India, Japan, Australia, Burma, Pakistan, Iran and 20 other countries.

“I was trying to take pictures but the lads were just like, ‘no stand back, this is serious,'” Merea said. “We were talking to the guys at the outpost and whatever they said to the lads in our convoy, they decided it wasn’t safe for us to be there, because we had no military training.”

The two men were less than 1,000-feet from the Daesh army.

God bless drunk Irishmen.

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