Is This Chicken Nugget Sandwich The Saddest School Lunch Of All Time?

I hated cafeteria lunches back in the day. I was a brown bag kid, sans the occasional Pizza Hut pizza day. My go-to was a ham and swiss cheese sandwich on a Martin’s Potato roll slathered in spicy mustard. Ate it religiously, only occasionally mixing it up for turkey or some other type of deli meat. Additions included a health balance of baby carrot sticks, grapes, apple slices, pretzels, or something with processed sugar — Butterstoch Krimpets, Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies, fruit snacks… Whatever happened to be on sale.

This school lunch is going viral over on Reddit. It’s a $2.50 chicken nugget sandwich on a hot dog bun. It’s one part depressing, one part amazing. If you’re hungry, you know damn straight that you’d stuff it in your face. The lack of condiments like hot sauce or BBQ sauce sucks, but hell — You’d love every second of it.

Reddit is having a field day with it:

As it Twitter:

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