Is F*ckjerry’s ‘What Do You Meme?’ The Next Great Party Game A la ‘Cards Against Humanity’?

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Over the past few years, Kickstarter has had a fair share of success stories as well as a few duds.

Notable Instagram account, FuckJerry, has gone to Kickstarter in order to finance his newest project. His new game, “What Do You Meme?” seems to be a hybrid between “Cards Against Humanity” and Internet memes. It’s important to note that this project has already been completely funded, which means that it should be in production relatively soon. The Kickstarter was originally attempting to raise $10,000, but that goal has been surpassed and the campaign has currently raised over $100,000.

With the amount raised, it seems possible that ‘What Do You Meme?’ Will become the latest, must-have party game.

You can grab a copy by pre-order on Kickstarter. Here’s how you play according to FuckJerry: