World’s Greatest Country Italy Rules It’s Not Illegal To Have A Jerk Sesh On Your Lunch Break



Italy. Home of … the Italians.

I’m an Italian. I love it. We make great food and we are happy, sensual people. So much so. We believe that man and woman’s sexual urges are natural things. Don’t deny them. Embrace them.

Everyone in Italy shares this ethos. It’s ingrained in the country, all the way up to its Supreme Court.

Hey, speaking of them and sex, they said this week it’s fine for employees to watch porn on their lunch breaks, since it “doesn’t impair with their job.” No it does not.

The case stems from a man who was fired from Fiat after he was caught watching pornography during his lunch break. He sued and the case went to the highest court. Via The Independent:

Bosses had caught the man watching adult films at work, but he argued that his viewing was limited to “catching a glimpse of a movie during his lunch break”.

The porn ruling at the Court of Cassation marked the end of a five-year legal battle for the man, identified as Guiseppe Z, whose dismissal was supported by the local court in Termini Imerese.

The Italian edition of The Local reported that, as there was no evidence presented by Fiat that the man had indulged his porn habit during normal working hours, he had done nothing wrong.

I love that. Like he wasn’t able to finish last night’s Scandal and wanted to know what happened to Olivia.

Italy. It’s great, isn’t it? Why don’t we all live there?