This J. Crew Exec Celebrated A Massive Company Layoff By Getting Hammered And Mocking The Unemployed On Instagram


Business is business. Sometimes heads have to roll, especially when not enough heads are being pulled through some of the ugliest fucking sweaters ever knitted by underage sweatshop kids.

People get laid off all the time but it’s kind of a dick move to get axed and then find out the executioner is laughing about it all on Instagram.

Alejandro Rhett, vice president of men’s merchandising  at J. Crew (hopefully not for long) had to personally let go a handful of unlucky employees. That’s not a fun part of the job and going out after work to blow off some steam is completely understandable. Getting shitfaced and mocking the people laid off with hashtags like #gonegirl is just the work of a fuckface.

Rhett’s cocktail hour in the East Village took on a raucous, celebratory vibe that seemed to insult the nearly 200 people that lost their jobs. How I know this? Well, he posted images of his post-layoffs partying on Instagram, complete with hashtags like #gonegirl, #hungergames,#maytheoddsbeeverinyourfavor, #nofunhere

The pictures were pulled off Instagram some time overnight but here are the screengrabs.

So what happens to Rhett? Here’s early word from the land of the casual lobster shirt makers.

Although a company spokesman would not elaborate further, the rep did say that J. Crew “does not condone” Rhett’s massive lapse in judgment and told The Post that “[a]s soon as we were made aware, the appropriate actions took place.”

Hopefully a couple former employees catch up with Rhett on the street and suggest a nice pair of khaki’s to go with those black and blue welts on his face.

[via Death & Taxes]