J.K. Rowling Is Trolling Alt-Right Cucks On Twitter In The Best Way Possible

J.K Rowling - In Conversation

Getty Image

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is not shy on Twitter about her political convictions, making her opinions on Donald Trump’s refugee travel ban heard loud and clear on Twitter. She’s a passionate champion of common sense. I.E.:

One thing she spends zero bullshit with is Trump’s army of faceless, boderline-fascist  alt-right Twitter egg cucks. So when people with Pepe memes try to spit hate in her direction, she chews them up and spits right back at them. She’s been particularly busy the last couple days, given the international discourse around the so-called Travel Ban.


And now for the ultimate in savagery, the Harry Potter author went for the jugular to an alt-right cuck who wants to burn J.K. Rowling’s books “and movies”.

Never lose that hallmark wit, JK:


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