Jack In The Box Is Putting Melted Garlic Herb Butter On Burgers Now And I NEED One In My Mouth

Hi. Brandon here, BroBible’s resident burger-loving fatass. I’m about to go off on a little rant here, only because I’m incredibly hungry right now and very frustrated by the lack of suitable fast food burger options in New York City. The West Coast is without a doubt the best coast when it comes to quick and easy fast food burgers: There is In & Out Burger, Whatdaburger (The South counts here), and Jack In The Box are superior and affordable compared to our fast food options here on the East Coast. Five Guys is kinda legit, but then it’s a slippery slope of MEH: Shake Shake is the most overrated burger joint on the face of the planet and Smashburger and UMami are cool but too inconvenient with only one NYC location a piece. Don’t get me wrong, there are MANY good burger restaurants in NYC, but they are NOT fast food joint burgers. Those are two totally separate things. This leaves us with Checkers, White Castle, and Five Guys. Sorry, Burger King, Wendys, and McDonalds — You’re too basic to count.

Anyway, I’m ranting here, but it’s for good reason: NYC desperately needs a place like a Jack In The Box to fill this fast food void. There are too many Shake Shacks with long lines and meh burgers (seriously… they’re TINY) and not enough fast food competition.

To strengthen my argument, today California’s Jack In The Box announced two new burgers on their menu. They’re being called Buttery Jack Burgers and smothered in wonderful, belt-busting, melt-in-yo-mouth butter. Here are the options:

Classic Buttery Jack: featuring creamy tomato sauce, green leaf lettuce, fresh tomatoes and Provolone cheese.

Bacon & Swiss Buttery Jack: featuring creamy bacon mayo, hickory smoked bacon and Swiss cheese.

You don’t understand how badly I need these in my face right now. All hail Jack In the Box! COME EAST, Jack in the Box!

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