For 45 Minutes James Franco Did Any Batshit Crazy Thing You Wanted Him To In An Attempt To #BreakTheInternet

PAPER Magazine, the publication that brought the world the outrageous derriere and nude photos is striving to #BreakTheInternet once again. This time instead of Kim Kardashian’s giant ass they utilized James Franco as a giant ass to entertain the masses. The magazine had Franco become the internet’s court jester and he was forced to perform any silly, wacky, insane, ridiculous request from random weird people. At 1 p.m. EST on Saturday, James participated in this oddly entertaining #MakeJamesDo Google+ Hangout that was part of PAPER Magazine‘s #BreakTheInternet Issue.

Some of the bizarre and sometimes creepy requests were for Franco to recite the “Hey Stella” line from the iconic 1951 Marlon Brando movie A Streetcar Named Desire after sucking helium, paint a self portrait using his foot while having a conversation with a sock puppet, impersonate cannibalistic Looney Tunes cartoon characters, do a YouTube makeup tutorial, twerking in a pink tutu, online makeout session and sing Lana del Rey. Franco did seem to be over it after a while and even made a hilarious bestiality joke after a man requested that he smear peanut butter on his mustache and have a dog lick it off. From this intriguing experiment I learned that James Franco is a real cool dude and people are dropping a lot of acid on Saturday afternoons.