Japan Went On A Booze Run For The International Space Station, Brought Back Some Tasty Whiskey

international space station whiskey


Apparently one of the things they want to study aboard the International Space Station these days is the effect that space has on whiskey. At least that’s what they’re officially saying the whiskey is going to used for up there.

According to the AP

The six astronauts won’t be sneaking a sip. It’s all for science.

A Japanese company known for its whiskey and other alcoholic beverages included five types of distilled spirits in a space station cargo ship. The station’s big robotic arm — operated by Japanese astronaut Kimiya Yui — grabbed onto the supply craft launched Wednesday by his homeland. Flight controllers helped anchor it down.

The supply ship contains nearly 10,000 pounds of cargo, including the six liquor samples. Suntory Global Innovation Center in Tokyo wants to see if alcoholic beverages mellow the same in space as they do on Earth.

The samples will be used for experiments and will spend at least a year in orbit before being returned to Earth. An identical set of samples will be stored on the ground in Japan.

You’re telling me that if you were trapped in space for weeks on end and someone just dropped some sweet, delicious whiskey in your lap you wouldn’t nab a sip or two. You could always make it sound like it was for science, right? Everything up there is for science.

I mean, they sent up 10,000 pounds of cargo, so you could even claim that one of the bottles was “damaged.” No way all that stuff gets unloaded without some spillage. Then you could have yourself a little one-night space party if you kept the invites to a few close friends, especially that one sexy female Russian cosmonaut who’s always a bit too “hands-on” with everything.

Yeah, no way all that booze is just going to sit there, “mellowing” for science. No chance.

Photo: ZRyzner / Shutterstock.com

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