Couple Checks Into Japanese Hotel, Discovers They’re Staying At The Kinkiest Sex Hotel In The World



This gallery was uploaded to imgur by reddit user Hamnams, and the story goes as follows: they were in Japan and checked into a hotel, upon snooping around the hotel for a bit things began to get weirder and weirder, until they realized they were actually staying in one of the kinkiest hotels on the planet. ‘Love Hotels’ are relatively common in Japan, and are a way for couples to get ridiculously kinky without sacrificing any sort of privacy. Watch as the curtains are pulled back on this couple’s innocent stay at a Japanese love hotel. The best part is that after realizing they were staying in a Japanese love hotel they didn’t check out, instead they stayed in that glorious love hotel for an entire week. Obviously some of these images might be considered NSFW for some of you, so scroll through the gallery at your own risk:

I accidentally stayed in a Japanese love hotel for a week.


Wikipedia’s got some rather fascinating information on Japanese Love Hotels, and after reading through the entry I can see how someone would accidentally check into one. From Wiki:

Entrances are discreet; and interaction with staff is minimized. Rooms are often selected from a panel of buttons; and the bill may be settled by pneumatic tube, automatic cash machine, or a pair of hands behind a pane of frosted glass. Although cheaper hotels are often quite sparse, higher-end hotels may feature fanciful rooms decorated with anime characters; and equipped with rotating beds, ceiling mirrors, karaoke machines, and unusual lighting; or may be styled similarly to dungeons or other fantasy scenes, sometimes including S&M gear.

I’m going to be honest with you bros: that description above is exactly how I imagine EVERY hotel in Japan, not just the Japanese love hotels.

Unfortunately there wasn’t more information in the Reddit/Imgur post on whether or not the couple staying there spoke/read Japanese. So I have no way of knowing if this was an innocent mistake, or just outright tomfoolery. Either way, after scrolling through those pics I’ve definitely added ‘Stay at a Japanese love hotel’ to my bucket list.

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