Jared Fogle Got His Ass Kicked In Prison Because He Was The ‘Teacher’s Pet’

by 3 years ago
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More details are coming out about Jared Fogle’s prison ass kicking and it seems like the former Subway spokesman was targeted by other inmates because he was the “teacher’s pet”.


Jared Fogle was almost guaranteed a beatdown in prison, because guards made it clear to the other inmates he was the teacher’s pet.

We’ve learned prison staff told the inmates before Fogle arrived at Englewood Correctional facility that he would be arriving in late December and that no one should mess with him.
Our sources say the staff made it clear … anyone who attacked or harassed Fogle would be dealt with harshly.

That was enough for Steven Nigg, the 60-year-old inmate who beat Fogle up weeks after his arrival. We’re told Nigg resented Fogle because the staff made him seem “untouchable” … so he touched him.

This was Jared’s first ass kicking in prison and it most certainly won’t be the last.

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