Cop In The E.R. Gives Two Teenage Girls Tickets For Jaywalking After They Get Hit By A Car

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Aside from his relaxed take on marijuana charges, there’s not a single thing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has done that New Yorkers have approved of. Not a SINGLE thing. Mayor de Blasio’s ‘Vision Zero’ campaign is seeking to cut down on speeding, traffic violations, and subsequent traffic-related injuries. Which on the surface may seem like a good thing, until he sends his deputies into a hospital’s emergency room to ticket two 16-year-old girls for jaywalking…after they’ve been bloodied and hit by a car.

The NY Post is reporting that two teens were struck on Flatbush Avenue in Sheepshead Bay, severely injured, taken to the emergency room for treatment, put in a hospital bed and hooked up to an IV…like, we’re not talking just a tiny little scratch here. And while there a police officer showed up to ticket the two teens for jaywalking, an offense this is the most commonplace activity in New York City. In fact, jaywalking is more common here in NYC than screaming at tourists on the street for walking too slowly. Jaywlking is more common than eating hotdogs and griping about gentrification. Jaywalking is a WAY OF LIFE, but Mayor de Blasio thinks he’s going to eradicate it?

From the NY Post:

Brooklyn cops who said they were following Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero orders to crack down on reckless drivers and pedestrians gave two bleeding 16-year-old girls jaywalking tickets as they were being treated in an emergency room after a car hit them, their enraged parents told The Post.
Teen pals Beanca Moise and Jo-Anna Thiboutot had suffered multiple fractures and deep bruises in the March 14 accident while crossing busy Flatbush Avenue in Sheepshead Bay.
But the cops told their parents the tickets were mandatory given the mayor’s “zero tolerance” jaywalking policy.

“She was in a hospital bed,” Beanca’s father, taxi driver Reginald Moise, 41, recalled of the moment he was handed the ticket by a 63rd Precinct officer. “There were doctors all over her, giving her IVs and this and that.
“I was very upset,” he remembered. “I told him it was stupid and I didn’t understand. He told me, ‘That’s Mayor de Blasio’s no-tolerance policy.’ ”
Jaywalking summonses have quadrupled citywide — to 2,000 a year — since the mayor enacted the crackdown, city records show.
“It was very insulting,” agreed Beanca, who remains on crutches and needs two more months to recover from fractures and bone contusions in her leg.
Beanca had figured the cops standing near her Kings County Hospital bed less than an hour after the accident were there to see how she was doing.
“I got hit by a car, and they came to the hospital not even checking if I was OK, and just gave us the ticket,” she told The Post.
Thiboutot was still bleeding from deep bruises and gashes when her summons was handed to her stunned mother, Rose Benjamin.

What the hell is happening to NYC? First the cops openly defy Mayor de Blasio, and now they’re doing his bidding by showing up to emergency rooms and ticketing children in hospital beds? Ticketing them for an offense so common I once watched watched a group of drunk cops (out of uniform) leaving Dorrian’s on the Upper East Side jaywalking and when a taxi honked at them one of the dudes pulled out his badge, scaring the shit out of the cabbie…yet now they’re ticketing teenagers in hospital beds for the same offense?

What in the actual fuck is going on?

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