What ‘Jersey Shore’ Bro Shelled Out Half A MIllion For Dan Bilzerian’s Lamborghini?

If you presented that question to me, “What Jersey Shore Bro had a spare half-mil to drop on a Lambo?” I would have guessed none of them. Life post-Seaside Heights ain’t too grand for Mikey or Vinne or Ronnie or Pauly. In fact, I assumed they were all dead and broke,.

But one Bro did purchase Dan Bilzerian’s Lamborghini off eBay. Can you guess who? Was it muscled up Ronnie or sensitive Vinnie or legitimately broke Mike (ha, it definitely wasn’t Mike).

It was DJ Pauly D.

Here they are chillin, post-purchase.

According to TMZ, DJ Pauly D loves cars and is very happy with his purchase.

Bilzerian, meanwhile, is probably happy with the cash he got. In fact, he took it straight to the bank.

And here we are, still poor.