You May Never Fly Again After Seeing This Jet Engine That Completely FELL APART Mid-Flight

There have been many stories over the years of things happening when people travel via jet that are disconcerting.

This pilot’s handwriting for example. Or flight attendants fighting DURING the flight. Or the amount of damage a bird can do to a giant Airbus.

But this story, this story of a jet engine flat-out falling to pieces while mid-flight? It might be the most frightening of them all.

Check this out and tell me you won’t be thinking about it the next time you step on a plane…

Just for the record, this was a Southwest flight from New Orleans to Orlando for those of you who might want to write those details down.

Needless to say, the flight had to make an emergency landing, because, you know, the ENGINE FELL APART! Not to mention that it also caused damage to the fuselage, front edge of the wing, horizontal tail stabiliser and winglet.

Reports ABC News

“We heard a loud boom at about 10,000 feet. Sounded like a 18 wheeler tire blowing and we started smelling smoke,” passenger Stephanie Miller said.

Flight data showed that the plane descended from an altitude of 30,000 feet to 10,000 feet in just over eight minutes.

That’s one hell of a drop.

Luckily no one on board suffered any injuries and the plane landed safely in Pensacola, Florida.

H/T Unilad; Passenger image by SHutterstock

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