Jilted Lover Shares Naked Photos Of Her Manager On His Wife’s Facebook Page After She Loses Her Job

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Revenge porn is becoming an increasingly more common way for jilted lovers to public shame their exes, as several states are passing targeted legislation that criminalizes such conduct.

It was less than two months ago when we brought you the news of a 31-year-old woman who committed suicide after she sent her ex a video of her performing a sex act on another guy to make him jealous, and the dude uploaded it on the internet.

Most recently, a 26-year-old woman from England was spared jail after posting photos of her naked manager to his wife’s business’s Facebook page as a revenge ploy.

Kaylea Reid, a care worker for people with learning disabilities, began exchanging nude photos with her manager Robert Page on WhatsApp when they became close after she split from her boyfriend.





After she lost her job at the company, she became enraged and posted intimate photos of Page on the Facebook page of a mobile tool supplies company run by his wife, reports The Sun. What’s more is that Reid also went through the trouble of tagging their shared colleagues in the post, which could have been seen by up to 4,000 people, the court docs claim.

To add insult to injury for Page’s poor wife, Kaylea’s lawyer Paul Booty claims that Page sent Kaylea text messages saying he wished she was his wife.

“He managed to get hold of her mobile phone number and then he started texting. The texts become flirtatious and things developed.”

Booty also claims that Kaylea felt as if she was taken advantage of by her manager and now realizes she was “foolish and naïve.” She posted the pictures because she “wanted to be heard,” but not admits that it has been just as humiliating for her.

The Sun reports that Kaylea could have been jailed for up to two years but was only given a conditional discharge for six months and ordered to pay a victim surcharge fee of £20 ($24.75), due to Page’s  “provocative behavior.”

This scares the shit out of me. I know it does you too as well bro. Because we both know that we have hog pics floating out there somewhere and the second we cross a line, those things could be going online faster than we can say “It was cold where I took the picture.” Be careful out there men.

[h/t The Sun]

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