Mother Of Jim Carrey’s Late Ex Says She Now Has Proof Of Carrey’s STDs, Which She Claims Was The Genesis Of Daughter’s Suicide

The ongoing wrongful death battle between Jim Carrey and his deceased ex-girlfriend’s family is bitter, ugly, and downright depressing.

First Carrey was sued by Cathriona White’s estranged husband for illegally providing her drugs. Then the family filed a lawsuit claiming that White contracted STDs from the actor, including Herpes Type I, Herpes Type 2 and Gonorrhea. Carrey has maintained from the beginning that he has never tested positive for STDs and the family is trying to fleece him for money.

Nonetheless, last week, the lawyer representing Brigid Sweetman (the mother of Jim Carrey’s ex), claimed that if Carrey publicly releases and publishes the lab report for the blood sample he gave in January of 2013 and it shows that it did not test positive for STDs, the family would immediately dismiss the case and apologize.

Sweetman then added: ‘But if it shows differently, and it will, then Carrey and his attorney must admit they have lied to the media and the public. The public has a right to know when they have been lied to.’

According to the Daily Mail, Sweetman and her lawyer have obtained the results for the STD tests that Jim Carrey  took under the alias ‘Jose Lopez’ and they allegedly reveal that Carrey has Hepatitis A, Herpes I and II, and Chlamydia. This flies in the face of the text messages Carrey sent to Cathriona after she confronted him about the STDs symptoms, claiming, ‘aggravated follicles or bumps are normal when you shave or have rough sex.’

A few minutes ago, Carrey’s lawyers just sent us emails that Brigid Sweetman sent to Jim Carrey in November of 2015 begging Carrey for help her after claiming many people in her community believe she was responsible for her daughter’s death.

Carrey’s released the below:

“This is just another desperate attempt by the attorney after Cathriona White’s own family distanced themselves from this sham lawsuit yesterday.  These distortions and false statements by the attorney do a disservice to Cathriona’s memory and to the truth.  Cat White’s biological mother, Brigid Sweetman acknowledged in writing that she received death threats because people believed she was responsible for Cat’s death. This latest attempt to create a diversion by the attorney from his meritless claims just shows how low he will stoop.”

Carrey is reportedly not handling the lawsuits well, naturally.

“Jim has already been on the brink of despair over Cat’s death, and this suit could push him over it,” a source told Radar exclusively.

The trial that no one wants doesn’t look to be ending any time soon. Hopefully, this can get resolved so both parties can have a proper grieving period.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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