Jimmy John’s Called Some Dude Out On Twitter For ‘Eating Ass’ And People Lost The Damn Minds

by 1 year ago

Jimmy Johns You've Eaten Ass Tweet

At 4:57pm yesterday the social media manager running Jimmy John’s Twitter handle sent a clap back tweet accusing some dude of ‘eating ass’. It was one hell of a tweet. They saw their chance and they took it. Unfortunately, fearing a minor PR hiccup, Jimmy John’s later deleted that tweet. Thankfully for us though, this is the Internet and nothing’s ever truly deleted (see above).

I was initially skeptical that the tweet was real because I didn’t see it until after Jimmy John’s had deleted, but based on their response to my tweet here (and thousands of screenshots) I was quickly convinced it’s 100% real:

Naturally, that tweet picked up thousands of retweets and in the immediate aftermath of calling out a customer for licking booty like an ice cream cone Twitter users lost their goddamn minds, with many calling out Jimmy John’s food….This latter part I don’t understand because Jimmy John’s is HANDS DOWN the best sandwich chain on the market and it’s NOT EVEN CLOSE. Here’s what Twitter had to say though:

Jimmy Johns You've Eaten Ass Tweet

Jimmy Johns You've Eaten Ass Tweet

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