Jimmy Kimmel Has The Perfect Idea On How Donald Trump Should Pick His Vice President

Now that Donald Trump has pretty much secured the nomination of Republican presidential candidate, he can now focus on selecting a vice president. Charlie Sheen and Hulk Hogan have offered their services to be Trump’s running mate. There has been speculation that everyone from John Kasich to Chris Christie to Judge Judy to Omarosa could be Trump’s VP. Jimmy Kimmel came up with a wonderful idea on how Trump could find a qualified vice president.

The presumptive GOP nominee always had popularity in the New York City area thanks to his business ventures, but he garnered nationwide attention from his reality TV show The Apprentice. Kimmel wants Trump to go back to his roots and make reality TV great again with a new show called Vice President Island.

Trump could ween down 20 candidates who are vying to be the next Vice President of the United States. Who wouldn’t want to see Mike Tyson discuss the geopolitical repercussions of allowing Russia to annex the Ukraine. Sign me up to listen to Dennis Rodman tackle North Carolina’s House Bill 2. I would definitely watch Tila Tequila give her reasons why the United Kingdom’s Brexit from the European Union is a positive thing for American exports. A speech about how to stop the Islamic State’s propaganda machine by Gary Busey? Yes please.