Watch Jimmy Kimmel Hilariously Mock Everyone in LA Freaking Out About The Recent ‘Arctic Freeze’

If you have some sort of command of virtual communcation (note that this is HIGHLY different than actual communication, despite the fact that increasingly more people appear to be confusing the two), you might have noticed that all of virtual Southern California has been sitting on their computers complaining about the fact that it is rather cold outside, an area where they are not currently.

The combination of this being (a. a relatively superficial problem, and (b. a rare occurance has made it the greatest kind of story for Los Angeles–a bubble city where superficial problems reign supreme, then snowball in more ridiculously superficial problems, only to finally avalanche into incredibly real problems (rehab).* Jimmy Kimmel was astute enough to notice that this probably won't make it past stage 1, and brings us a tremendous compilation of LA News fittingly freaking out. 

*I love LA. Worked in Culver City for a summer, could totally go back and live there forevs. But you've got to me kidding me with some of the shit that goes on. “Carmageddon” seemed to be a life-application of one of those digustingly high-budgeted disaster movies, except that they forgot to do all the special effects, death, destruction, and heroic surivival scenes. Cheesy jokes were definitely there, though. As was Dennis Quaid standing there contemplatively, slight breeze telling us that absolutely nothing of note is going to occur over the next 60 minutes. 

[H/T: Kimmel]