Even If You’re Tanking A Job Interview, It’s Not Wise To React Like This Guy

Angry Job


Where to begin? Where to begin with the story of Jose Lopez. Quite possibly the worst job applicant of all time.

Let’s break this down and point out all the things Mr. Lopez did that hurt him in this job interview. First, Mr. Lopez arrived to his interview drunk. That’s ill advised. Sure, we’ve all interviewed a little hungover, but straight up drunk isn’t going to impress.

Naturally, the interviewer asked Lopez why he stunk of booze. Lopez lost him mind. Mistake number two. Always be prepared for any question thrown at you in a job interview. Especially when it’s so easy to prepare for a question like that because you know you’re going to stink of booze. Tsk tsk Mr. Lopez.

Mistake number three was getting into a fight with the interviewer. Unless you’re applying to be a bouncer or MMA fighter, wrestling with a potential boss isn’t required.

And finally, and perhaps Mr. Lopez most crucial mistake, was that he stabbed a bitch. Yup. Stabbed him. If we’re getting technical, bringing a knife to a job interview isn’t advised either. Just a resume will suffice.

Oh and then the shit head ran away but left his resume behind with his name and address on it.

No need to apply for unemployment, Mr. Lopez. Prison have their own job application processes and pay options.

H/T NBC San Diego

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