Tryna Get A Job Where You Work With Marijuana All Day? There’s An App For That

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Do you like to poke smot? Do you like to poke smot on the regular? Daily? Hourly? Are you so into weed that sometimes you find yourself thinking “Man, if only my real-people job had something to do with marijuana, then I’d be set for life and happy forever and ever and ever and wow I’m fucking hungry”?

Well you’re in luck!

Earlier this week,, one of the leading resources in cannabis career searches, released their latest technological employment tool — the first ever smartphone app to connect weed workers with potential cannabusinesses.

While visitors to were once forced to rely solely on their computers to scour the site for high-paying gigs in the cannabis industry, the latest mobile app puts the pot job finding power at the fingertips of anyone with an Android phone. In addition, the company…says that a version of the app has been submitted to Apple, and should be available for iPhone users within the next few weeks.

“The new mobile app will allow users to conveniently access right from their phone where they can review open positions and apply directly from wherever they are,” David Bernstein, CEO of, said in a statement…

With more states moving to legalize marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes, the cannabis industry is becoming one of the fastest growing job markets in the United States.

Via High Times

Not any old joe schmo can get a job in the weed industry though.

“Current job postings for cannabis related employment include many high-paying jobs such as: Growers, Budtenders, Dispensary Operators, Security Guards, Dispensary Administrators, Solar Panel Specialists, Delivery Drivers, Lab Techs, Marketing Specialists, Lawyers, Insurance Agents and Government Jobs,” according to the company’s press release.

Via High Times

Yeah sorry, you can’t just mosey on up and be like “Hi I like to smoke the weed. Can I work for $$$ now?” Not that I have any extensive knowledge on the maintenance of marijuana plants/businesses, but words like “budtenders” and “solar panel specialists” actually sound like legit positions you have to be qualified to obtain.

Click here to go to and grab the app!

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