Look At This Senile Elderly Man Who Misses His ‘Old Butt Buddy’…Wait, Is That Joe Biden?

by 3 years ago


Stopping off in Iowa on Thursday the second most powerful man in the world, Vice President Joe Biden, gave a speech that shocked the crowd when he gave a shout out to his ‘old butt buddy’.

Yessir, while talking to voters at Drake University in Des Moines ‘ol Joe called out his “old butt buddy” Neil Smith, leading to the latest in a series of amazing clips from our senile vice president.

Oh how incredible it would be to to be a grandchild of Vice-President Biden, and basically feed him any phrase you want and tell him it’s something the chaps are saying these days. I’d probably say that I’d go straight to ‘on fleek’, and have him saying that in appearances at the United Nations, confusing the absolute shit out of every other nation in the world.

So let’s go ahead and add this to a long list of memorable one-liners from the VP…Including, but not limited to:


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