The 2016 Election Just Got A Lot More Bro, Joe Biden Is Running For President


The 2016 Presidential election, already the least Bro election in the history of the United States (there are two (2!) women running) just got a bit more bruh.

In the form of some Biden.

That’s right, Unky Bro Joe Biden is officially running for president.

(Technically not officially, but multiple sources are reporting it’s a done deal and that he’ll announce tomorrow or Wednesday.)

So, can he win? Well, a Democratic vice president who served two full terms has never won the presidency. The last one to give it a go was Al Gore, and though he had an extremely easy path to the nomination (and technically won the 2000 election), he didn’t get to become president.

Biden in 2016 is in the awkward spot of trying to position himself as an anti-establishment choice to Hillary Clinton, while, you know, still being firmly rooted in the establishment. As the vice president for the past eight years. It’s a little bit of a tricky walk. But he should be able to competently challenge her, unlike… every other Democrat running for president.

And, given the general economic success of the Obama administration, he can certainly trumpet a strong domestic record, while also declaring himself the White House’s the most prominent foreign policy voice. He’ll also (most likely) get the backing of the sitting president, which helps a lot.

So… he’s already the best, most-electable candidate in the entire field, but that’s more of an indictment of everyone else.