Let This Fifth Grader’s Cringe-Worthy Journal Entry Remind You How Lame You Were In Middle School

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and remember what was cool back in middle school:

1. Shitty emo music/bands
2. Skater shoes
3. Wearing stuff from Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch

Clearly, middle school was a hell hole full of misplaced angst (omg, Mom will NOT leave me alone URGGGG) and overpriced clothing. If you’ve blocked most of those experiences out like I have, take a gander at Taylor-Ruth Baldwin’s recently discovered journal entry from fifth grade.

Warning: you will shatter any illusions you once had and realize how big of a loser you were.


Yes, the library is the only place that lying doesn’t count, the reason being that since they bitch at you when you’re being loud they have to let you get away with something else. It’s give and take, really. As for who the man is, I’m right there with ya Taylor. No one ever tipped me into his real identity, but maybe with my now adult-ish brain (read: potato brain) I can go check out a bunch of CD’s from the lie-brary (kill me now) and deduce it all on my own. Feel free to join.

[H/T Elite Daily, stock image via Shutterstock]