Judge Rules Against Sriracha Plant, But It Still May Be Okay to Produce Sriracha or It Totally Isn’t

If you recall, the city of Irwindale (colloquially known as shit fucks) sued Huy Fong Foods because of the irritating odor eminating from the recently opened hot sauce production plant. 

This week, a judge in Los Angeles ruled in favor of the town, saying the Sriracha plant was behind the smell. Here's where things get more confusing than teen emoji usage. From the Los Angeles Times

The injunction does not order the company to stop operating  entirely, or specify the types of actions that are required.

The judge just said they needed to stop stinking up the joint. He is a frat brother yelling at his buddies to quit farting in the common room. The problem with production of the sauce, and more importantly, knowing whether we will continue to have things to add to pho, is that no one knows what part of the process is causing the smell. 

It is unclear what the ruling means for next year's supply of Sriracha hot sauce. The factory harvests and grinds chilis for three months out of the year, and the grinding of this year's chilis has been completed.

But the mixing and the bottling of the sauce occurs on an ongoing basis. [Irwindale's City Attorney] said he did not know if the injunction applies to those aspects of production.

So, like I said in the headline, Sriracha could be okay, or it might not be. We will just have to wait and see. Stockpiling is not absurd at this point.

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