A Cross Country Cycling Group Lost Their Cardboard Cutout Of Justin Bieber, So They Posted A ‘Lost’ Ad On Craigslist


Craigslist is probably the best site on the Internet. Not only is it full of pre-owned bullshit you can buy for dirt cheap, but it’s like a water fountain that’s been hooked up to a sewage line and a liquid gold line. Sometimes it gives you gold, and sometimes it spews feces in your face if you happen to accidentally click on the “M4M” category.

This falls into the former.


“I’m on a cross country cycling trip with a group called bike and build. we had a cardboard cutout of Justin bieber that was donated to us in Hannibal, MO to mark our lunch spots. typically we would hide him somewhere where he would watch us hungrily. last known whereabouts of the biebs was off route 50 near a solar powered device at the top of a hill. he will be leaning on a rock looking at you with a sly grin on his face. if found, send pictures please! also if possible we can arrange a delivery for the biebs.”

Via Craigslist

How they managed to “accidentally” leave behind a Justin Bieber cutout is beyond me, personally I keep my miniature Biebs cutout with me at all times where my driver’s license should be in my wallet. “Don’t leave home without your Bieber!”, that’s what my Mom always said.

[H/T Daily Dot]
[Image via Shutterstock]

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