This K9 Is Trained To Stop Knife Attacks And HOLY Razor Sharp Teeth This Dog Is A Goddamn Genius


YouTube / drquantoms

I felt really accomplished the day I taught my dog sit, stay, lie down, and to shake with both paws. Now I see some shit like this and I’m questioning why I stopped after the basic puppy training courses:

If I knew that I would’ve been able to train my dog (a Bernese Mountain Dog for those of you wondering) to disable an armed combatant I’m pretty sure I would’ve stuck with the training. I mean, this dog’s better training than 99% of the military, it’s better trained than most humans will ever be.

Obviously I don’t mean to imply that this dog is more well-trained than American soldiers, when I say that this dog is ‘better trained than 99% of soldiers’ I’m referring to the total military population across the planet. I’m willing to bet we have some dogs here in the United States that are performing complex calculus equations while this Kenyan pup is still stuck in Algebra 1. That said, everything about this dog is totally amazing and we should all be so lucky to have man’s best friend watching our backs because dogs are total bros and this one’s as alpha as it gets.

(via r/videos)