This Woman Quit Her Waitress Job And Now Makes Up To $12K A Week As A Kate Middleton Lookalike

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Kate Middelton lookalike Heidi Agan

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While the rest of us slog away at our careers trying to make a decent living some people simply have all the luck.

That’s certainly the case here today with a woman named Heidi Agan who thanks to sheer happenstance bears a resemblance to the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton (pictured above).

While working as a waitress at a restaurant around the time Prince William and Middleton announced their engagement customers starting telling her how much she looked like Kate. This got her to wondering if she couldn’t turn that visual similarity into a little extra income.

Agan tells The Sun

“When Prince William and Kate announced their engagement in November 2010, I was working as a waitress in my local Frankie & Benny’s.”

“Kate’s face was suddenly everywhere and customers began commenting on how alike we were. I took it as a compliment and didn’t think much of it, but by February 2012, 10 months after the royal wedding, diners had begun asking for pictures with me and requesting that I served them. It got me thinking that there could be money in looking like Kate.”

“I contacted some lookalike agencies, and within a month I got my first job for Gatwick Airport to promote their customer service ahead of the London 2012 Olympics. I studied videos and pictures to learn Kate’s mannerisms, such as the way she flicks her hair and moves her mouth, but it was a nerve-racking experience.”

“Even so, I obviously did a good job as by May 2012, I was getting so much work I decided to quit my waitressing job. It was a tough decision and I wasn’t sure how long it would last, but it’s paid off and I now earn between £500 and £3,000 per job, with around three jobs a week.”

Talk about your sweet and easy gigs. Why couldn’t I have been born looking like someone famous?

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