Mother And Daughter Spent $86K To Look Like Model Katie Price, Look Like Horrifying Caricatures Instead

Our friends at News Dog Media find some rather interesting (yeah, that’s the word) characters to profile. Previously they’ve featured people like this Taylor Swift look-a-like, this woman who is kept as a human Barbie by her parents (hella fuckin’ weird), and this woman who spent over $100,000 to actually look like a caricature.

This mother-daughter combo is featured today, because they set out to look like British glamor model Katie Price. For your reference, she looks like this…

…and the mom and daughter look like this…

Uncanny resemblance. I mean, fucking remarkable work by their surgeon. I don’t know if I’m looking at two Katie Price’s holding a photo of themselves or two, highly delusional carnival freak shows. Wait. Yes I do.

According to News Dog Media:

When Kayla was ten-years-old, she and her mum Georgina were planning their future BOOB JOBS together. Still in primary school, Kayla decided that she would do anything necessary to make sure that she and her beloved mum could look more like their idol Katie Price. In the last three years, Kayla, 20, has forked out a whopping £56,000 on plastic surgery for her and her mum. This has included lip injections, Botox, cheek fillers, semi-permanent make-up, teeth whitening, hair extensions and a boob job. To complete the look, Kayla and Georgina use the sun beds up to five times per week – a tanning addiction which costs them £5,000-a-year. And controversially since the age of seventeen, Kayla has been paying for their cosmetic treatments with the help of sugar daddies and stripping work. And mum Georgina, 38, says she is more than happy to let her daughter pursue this lifestyle to fund their plastic surgery addiction.

Haven’t had enough of these two beauties? Thought so. Here’s more.

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