This Taylor Swift Lookalike Makes Over $11,000 A Month And Might Just Even Be Hotter Than Taylor Swift

For the sake of clarity, this is Taylor Swift:

Got it? Good.

Now take that picture and compare it to Rose Nicholas, the 23-year-old Taylor Swift impersonator who makes over $11,000 a month pretending to be Taylor at events:

Can you tell the difference? Don’t look at me, I don’t know. I can barely tell the difference between my left and right foot, and I’ve got them labeled.

According to Rose she was only 17 when people began commenting about her likeness to Swift, explaining:

‘I had long, blonde curly hair just like Taylor when her career was starting out as a country singer. My brother’s friends would all comment on how much I looked like her.

‘Then after I started university in Leeds, random people would start to approach me on nights out. Drunk students would shout at me, asking for a photo with Taylor Swift!’(via)

While she’s found that being bombarded by fans in places like Times Square is equal parts terrifying and exciting to say the least, it took time for her to realize that she could use her resemblance to her advantage, like getting free drinks at the bars in Boston. However, free drinks pale in comparison to making over $11,000 a month as Taylor Swift impersonator. According to Daily Mail,

By December 2013, Rose had scored a contract with Costello Entertainments as a Taylor Swift lookalike and was being hired for appearances as the star’s doppelganger.

And with at least one job a month, she has raked in nearly £10,000 since starting her career as a lookalike.

Recently she was hired for an appearance with an Ed Sheeran lookalike, who is famously best friends with Taylor.

And while Rose describes herself as “unlucky” when it comes to relationships just like Taylor, UNLIKE Taylor she’s not an annoying twat about it who gets dumped over and over again just for the sake of writing a pop song about it. In my book, that makes her 800,000,000x hotter than Taylor.


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