‘Katrina Girl’ Whose Photo Went Viral In 2005 Reunites With Air Force Vet Who Rescued Her

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Katrina Girl

ABC News / YouTube

LaShay Brown became known as ‘Katrina Girl’ back in 2005 after a photograph went viral which showed her elation at being rescued from the hurricane by Air Force Master Sergeant Mike Maroney. Now, 12 years later, LaShay Brown has grown up and is a member of the Junior ROTC (JROTC), and she’s reconnected with the airman who saved her life.

Master Sergeant Maroney and LaShay Brown actually reconnected two years ago after Maroney launched a social media campaign to track down the girl he posed alongside in the now infamous ‘Katrina Girl’ photograph. He launched the search for LaShay because the photograph meant so much to him. He says it changed his life, and helped him get through some tough times in life. He carried the photograph with him during his tours through Iraq and Afghanistan, and he says she rescued him more than he rescued her.

Since then, the two have remained in touch and this year Master Sergeant Mike Maroney escorted LaShay Brown to the JROTC Ball. According to Cleveland’s FOX 8, Maroney said he’d ‘do anything to repay the hug to LaShay and her family’, claiming that LaShay’s family means as much to him as his own family.

Just a great story all around. I don’t have anything profound to say here, I just wanted to share a story with you bros that made me smile today.

(h/t FOX 8 Cleveland)

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