Strap The EFF In, Because We’re Running Down Every Single Crazy Thing Katrina Pierson’s Ever Said

From Hillary Clinton’s bruising, possibly dirty fight with Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination, to Donald Trump clearing out a lackluster field of shitty Republican candidates, there really hasn’t been much in this election that’s brought us joy.

You remember that feeling, that sensation, of bliss, of extant happiness? It’s hard to recall, what with how negative and brutal 2016 has been.

But I’ve managed to find something that brings me to such exuberant heights every time. It’s Katrina Pierson, and her woefully misguided, factually inaccurate, but passionately argued defenses of her boss, Donald Trump.

Anytime Trump says something controversial, they send Pierson out, and she manages to spin whatever the topic is into a burn on Obama and the press that has no basis in reality.

Trump: Muslims should take a religious test before entering the country.

TV News Anchor: What did Mr. Trump mean here?

Katrina Pierson: What he was saying was that if Obama had taken this religious test when he signed the Declaration of Independence, we wouldn’t be here today. And the New York Times was there, at the signing, and they STILL, to this day, refuse to write about his refusal.

Just watch everything she does and says and, no matter how wrong she is, how vociferously she insists she isn’t.

How can that not bring you joy, I ask? How?

Bless her.

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