Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ Video Without any Music is Dadaism for the 21st Century


I previously wrote about how insane Katy Perry’s video for Dark Horse is, so I’m delighted to see it taken to its absurdist extreme.

The group House of Halo takes music videos and strips them of their beats and bass, leaving only a few perfectly-timed words and sounds. They previously did it with Happy, but this is perfection.

Watch it for what it is, not for what it’s not. As a vehicle for a pop jam, this was and is stupid. But if the below video were a performance art piece in New York, you’d leave with some seriously deep thoughts about how to analyze human history in a post-structuralist world.

Enjoy the inanity. That’s where the beauty–and real truth–in life lies.

[H/T Laughing Squid]