Kayak Fishermen In Australia Catch The Weirdest Thing You’ll See Today In The Most Australian Clip Imaginable

I know it’s barely September and we’ve got nearly four full months left in 2016 but I’m calling it now, this is the most Australian thing to hit the Internet in 2016. Just a couple of bros out kayak fishing in crystal clear water when a dude on a JetSki rolls up on them to find that the kayak fishermen have landed themselves a baby wallaby.

If you’re not Australian and you aren’t up on your animal species you might’ve assumed that was a little joey, a baby kangaroo, but you’d be wrong because that’s a baby wallaby and it was found out in the middle of nowhere. Probably trying to attack a shark or something because it’s Australia and the animals are metal as fuck.

We should probably also send a shout out to that dude on the JetSki for rescuing the baby wallaby from drowning or getting eaten by a shark or stung by a jellyfish/octopus or whatever the fuck else happens in Australia. There were easily 1,000 different ways that baby wallaby could’ve died in the water but instead it was rescued and lived to drown another day.

…(h/t K.O. @ Storyful for sending me this)…