The Most Nerve-Racking Video Game Footage I’ve Ever Seen: Guy Defuses Bomb With Help Of Team

The game is named ‘Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes’, and the concept is actually pretty fanfuckingtastic: one person is tasked with defusing the bomb, and relaying all of the pertinent visual information of the bomb to his team members. All of this happens while a clock is ticking down from 5 minutes. The team members meanwhile are each given the ‘bomb defusal manual’, and that is the only thing they can see. As the player defusing the bomb is relaying information to them they are tasked with coming up with the proper answers on which steps the defuser should take. Nobody can see what anybody else is looking at while the team is defusing the bomb, and this game requires complete trust in your team members to relay all of the pertinent information.

As for as collaboration in a video game goes it doesn’t get any more tense than this. I was legitimately half asleep when I first started watching this video and by the time it was over I was ready to go for a run. All of the time lost while diffusing the bomb is because of the lag it takes for the person to relay all of the pertinent information to his team members and then have them look up what the proper course of action is based on the bomb defusal manual’s instructions.

If you’re interested in playing this game with your bros you can find it here, at, and you can check out the requisite manual over here at (could they have found a less terrifying URL than that?). As you can see from scrolling through the manual it’s not exactly a cake walk being on that side of the defusal process. Everything about this is pretty difficult, and it’s glorious.