Ken Bone, The Most Popular Man In America, Went On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ Last Night And It Was Tremendous

Ken Bone’s stock has risen so high and so fast that he’s probably outpolling both candidates by now. Yesterday, I brought you all the story of how Ken Bone was wearing an olive green suit to the debate but due to an unfortunate mishap he was forced to call an audible and wear that now iconic red sweater that he’s been seen in at every interview over the past 36 hours. Ken Bone wore that sweater again last night when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and the interview was CLASSIC Kenneth.

It’s unclear when Ken Bone’s moment in the limelight will end, as he’s already gone from just 7 Twitter followers prior to the debate to 84.1K followers as of the time I hit publish on this article. If you’re interested in following Ken Bone’s REAL Twitter handle, @KenBone18, you can just click that link. There are already a ton of impostor Ken Bone Twitter accounts out there, something that Ken addresses in his interview with Jimmy Kimmel.