Kentucky Mayor, Greg Fischer, Was Caught Tweeting While Taking A Shit In The Best Way Possible

That right there is Louisville, Kentucky, Mayor Greg Fischer and right below is a tweet he actually sent. Give it a glance.


Anyone who has ever taken a shit can clearly see what is going on in the picture he attached, other than the fact that he is multitasking machine. Fischer is unloading the contents of his asshole while reading the newspaper and using his cellphone at the same time. WHAT A FUCKING MADMAN.

I’d argue that’s the kind of madman you want in public office. Do you want a mayor who just shits when he’s shitting? Sitting on the toilet wasting taxpayer’s money? Hell no. You want Mayor McPoopsALot. You want Greg Fischer, the multitasking man of the people. The guy who holds the newspaper in one hand, his cellphone in another and still figures out how to wipe his ass and itch his nose at the same time. The guy who is more concerned about making sure the citizens of his great city have corn and other food on their dinner plate than the corn in his….ok, you get the point.

And that point, of course, is that Greg Fischer, like you, tweets while he poops.



[H/T Death and Taxes]