How Bad Do You Want to Thrash This Scumbag Who Kicked a Cat Several Feet in the Air?

by 4 years ago

The internet goes crazy cat videos; unfortunately this kitty clip is not cute or cuddly. Apparently this abhorrent video is from Akron, Ohio where a sick individual gets much pleasure from punting a poor and unsuspecting cat into the air several feet. His friend gives him the O.K. and then he mercilessly kicks the cat as they both laugh moronically. Then these idiots upload the vicious video to Facebook to share with their friends and Aunt Edna. The video has since been removed, but not before an online petition was launched demanding prosecution for these pricks. Now everyone should know by now that animals are held in a very high regard in American society. There was much outrage over Michael Vick’s well-documented abuse towards dogs. Then in May a man named Andre Robinson kicked a cat 20 feet in the air; it went viral and he is now facing up to a year in jail. And just last week the video of a man kicking a squirrel off the edge of the Grand Canyon caused a fury. Had this fuckwit just kicked another human being in the same fashion it would be just another Worldstar video, but Americans will absolutely grill you if you injure a defenseless animal. So to all of you abusive creeps who have a maniacal God complex, please attack bugs or other humans because society really won’t blink an eye.

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