As He’s Battering A Much Smaller Kid, Bully Gets Completely REKT From Wicked Flying Stomp Out Of Nowhere

This bully is picking on a much smaller kid, and starts a fight with the poor kid. The little kid wanted nothing to do with the brouhaha, but the bully socks him in the face and throws him to the ground never-the-less. The shitty bully them continually slams the kid’s head onto the hard frozen ground over and over again. This is where someone needs to intervene and stop the now very dangerous fight. And someone does. Sure the pacifier could have attempted to break up the fight by separating them or informing a teacher. But what fun would that be?

The “peacemaker” stops the fight by soaring in with a brutal stomp to the face of the bully.

That smash was so savage that it caused the camera to go haywire.

Way to increase the peace there Ghandi.