All I’m Watching Today Is This Kid Dancing To The Cuban Pete Song From ‘The Mask’

You probably know the song “Cuban Pete,” from the 1994 comic book movie The Mask featuring Jim Carrey. Well it appears that Stanley Ipkiss has some competition for best dance routine to “Cuban Pete,” and this kid didn’t even need the magical Mask of Loki for his powerful performance.

The Cuban rumba song “El Baile de la Mascara” was originally transformed into “Cuban Pete” and composed by Joseph Norman under the name José Norman in 1936. The catchy tune was recorded by jazz great Louis Armstrong in 1937. However the song was really made popular when Desi Arnaz performed it as Ricky Ricardo on the hit TV show I Love Lucy on October 29, 1951. The song was introduced to new generations 43-years later on The Mask. Now this fantastic kid in his bathing suit dancing to the spicy song is making it a hot banger again in 2015.

The entire crowd around the pool is mesmerized by the dance stylings of this young lad, and they should be because he puts on an amazing show. How nice must it be for this kid to have this dance routine in his back pocket to bust out whenever he wants to impress a girl for the rest of his life.

That fantastic cartwheel at the 1:15 mark doe.

This kid wins the Internet today.