Watch This Kid Embarrassingly Fake His Way Through A Belly Dancing Routine On The Morning News

Now when I say “embarrassingly” I don’t mean any insult to the kid, because he definitely killed it for someone who had exactly zero idea what the fuck he was doing and got saddled with a sword and a turban on the morning news. Could you have done any better? Because I know I couldn’t have.

Here’s the full story:

My mom asked if I wanted to be on the morning news with her – she told me the segment was going to be a quick lesson for beginners, so it was fine that I had never (read: not ever) belly danced before.

When we came out, there was no communication, and the hosts just threw to the music. I will repeat one more time: I have never belly danced before. This video begins as I realize I’m just going to have to go with it; I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to watch the whole thing without cringing. Thanks to Luke for filming.

They interviewed Norm Macdonald after us, top notch morning overall.

You can tell he kid’s 100% making shit up as he goes in the video, but if you weren’t in on the joke would you be able to tell? Probably not, in which case good for you dude. No matter what it is in life, when in doubt, keep on swingin’ that sword around and awkwardly swinging your hips in bizarre circular motions. If this is any indication it’ll all turn out fine.


[H/T Reddit]